One Battery - So Many Tools

The WORCRAFT ALL-LINK Battery range has over 30 different tools, all powered by the same 20V 2.0/4.0Ah battery. Instead of buying multiple tools, with multiple battery types, you can buy just one battery and one charger and power all the different tools. 

When-ever you have a new tool requirement, just buy the bare tool. Saves you money and is more convenient.

The ALL-LINK range includes tools for drilling, cutting, grinding, sawing, fastening, trimming, pumping, riveting, caulking, vacuuming, mowing, polishing, lighting and blowing; and more.  

During down-times you can even relax and listen to music with the Bluetooth speaker, also powered by the same ALL-LINK battery. 

Whatever projects you have around the home, workplace or garden, there is a WORCRAFT ALL-LINK Battery tool to meet your needs.

Cordless Drill

This handy drill is the perfect tool for small DIY projects around the home or small workshop. Can be used as a drill or with driver attachments for fixing screws and nuts and bolts. The 18 torque settings are used to prevent over tightening. 
This drill is for smaller projects and when used with the 2.0Ah battery is a cost effective and economical tool. 

Main features:

  • 10mm keyless metal chuck
  • High/Low speed switch for drilling or driver function
  • Variable speed trigger with sharp stop
  • 1-18 clutch settings to adjust torque
  • Built in LED light

Hammer Drill

The Cordless Hammer Drill provides strong drilling power and lasting reliability. Perfect for around the home, workshop or work-site.

The design is compact and lightweight which helps to reduce user fatigue and allow you to work for longer.

Main features:

  • 13mm keyless metal chuck
  • High/Low speed switch for drilling or driver function
  • Variable speed trigger with sharp stop
  • 1-20 clutch settings to adjust torque
  • Drill or Drill/Hammer selector

Brushless Hammer Drill

This drill has all the same features as the Hammer Drill except it is fitted with a brushless motor.

This motor technology delivers more power with less heat build up. They are also maintenance free and provide longer tool life.

Main features:

  • 13mm keyless metal chuck
  • High/Low speed switch for drilling or driver function
  • Variable speed trigger with sharp stop
  • 1-20 clutch settings to adjust torque
  • Drill or Drill/Hammer selector

SDS Rotary Hammer Drill

Designed for efficient drilling of a variety of materials. The harder hitting design is especially useful if you need to drill a lot of concrete, or deep holes into concrete.
The hammer only function also allows the tool to be used as a chisel for breaking up concrete.
Main features:
  • SDS-Plus chuck
  • Single speed switch for drilling or driver function
  • Variable speed trigger with sharp stop
  • Concrete 24mm dia. Steel 13mm dia. Wood 25mm dia. 
  • 3 Way selector – Drill or Hammer or Drill/Hammer

SDS Brushless Rotary Hammer Drill

This is the brushless motor version of the Rotary Hammer Drill with all the same features.
The brushless motor provides longer life and more reliability. Being more powerful reduces the size and weight of the tool.  
Main features:
  • SDS-Plus chuck
  • Single speed switch for drilling or driver function
  • Variable speed trigger with sharp stop
  • Concrete 20mm dia. Steel 13mm dia. Wood 25mm dia. 
  • 3 Way selector – Drill or Hammer or Drill/Hammer

Impact Driver

Drive screws all the way home, even in hard woods, with ease. No more struggling with an old fashioned screw driver and stripped screw heads.
The impacting action of the screwdriver overcomes the friction of the screw driving into the wood. Can also be used for drilling small/medium holes into concrete and brick. 
Main features:
  • 1/4″ quick change hex chuck 
  • 3 built in bright LED lights around the chuck
  • Variable speed trigger with sharp stop

Impact Wrench

The fastest way to loosen and tighten nuts and bolts in automotive repair shops, factory assembly areas and heavy machinery maintenance workshops.
The Impact Wrench is powerful enough for even large nuts and bolts commonly found on construction, mining and manufacturing sites.  
Main features:
  • 1/2″ detent pin anvil 
  • Up to 400 N-m torque
  • Forward and reverse switch
  • Variable speed trigger with sharp stop

Multi Tool

One of the most useful tools in the world, the Multi Tool has so many uses.
You can cut wood, thin metal and plastic pipes. Remove grout from between tiles without breaking or removing tiles.
Cut perfect cut outs in plaster board for electrical sockets and light switches.
Easily removes old coatings, varnishes and silicon sealant. Drywall, wood, sheet metal, plastics, there are virtually no limits.
With so many different attachments this is one tool you will always find a use for. Once you own it, you will find job after job for it.
Battery operated means it is portable, lightweight and easy to get into small spaces impossible to reach with other saws.
Main features:
  • Quick release no-tool blade attachment
  • Includes 3 types of attachments 
  • Built in LED light
  • Long battery life 

Angle Grinder - 4"

The CAG-S20Li-100 cordless battery angle grinder is a practical tool when working in the outdoor, home or garage of grinding of metal, including resharpening mower blades, removing rust and cleaning up welds.

Fitted with oversize switch trigger with two action for safety and to prevent accidental activation.

The side handle can be fitted to either right or left handed positions for comfortable operation. Tool-less adjustment wheel guard.

Main features:
  • 4″ diameter  cutting or grinding discs 
  • Tool-less disc guard adjustment
  • Variable speed trigger with safety lock

Angle Grinder - 4.5 - 5"

This 4 1/2″ Angle Grinder gets work done. Suitable for small fabrication work shops and mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors.
Small, light weight and portable the grinder is perfect for cutting, grinding, cleaning and dressing welds.
Battery powered enables virtually any workplace access, not easily reached with power cords.  
Main features:
  • 4.5″ or 5″ diameter discs 
  • Tool-less disc guard adjustment
  • Variable speed trigger with safety lock

Sabre Saw

The portable Sabre Saw is excellent for getting into awkward and tight places to make fast cuts. On site PVC piping, wood cut-offs, cut-outs in dry wall, tree branches and removal of nails and pins is all accomplished effortlessly.
The pressure sensitive switch makes it easy to control the speed.
Main features:
  • Quick release no-tool blade attachment
  • Adjustable orbital action 
  • 26mm stroke length 
  • Cuts wood up to 80mm and steel up to 10mm thick 

Circular Saw

A powerful circular saw for the work-shop or weekend warriors with big DIY projects. The circular saw is lightweight but powerful.
Quick release fasteners allow fast depth and angle adjustments. It is well balanced and the front non-slip handle is very comfortable.
Main features:
  • Adjustable parallel side guide
  • 165mm blade diameter
  • Variable speed trigger with safety instant stop
  • Built in vacuum attachment point

Jig Saw

Easily make straight or curved cuts through wood, metal, laminates and ceramic tiles. Quick release tool-less holder allows blades to be changed quickly and easily to suit the job at hand.
The jig saw is light weight and powerful and should be part of wood workers tool set.
Main features:
  • Adjustable parallel side guide
  • Bevel cuts up to 45 degrees
  • Built in LED work light
  • 3 orbital adjustments
  • Safety inter locked variable speed finger trigger

Sliding Compound Mitre Saw

For DIY weekend warriors and small wood workshops this sliding compound Mitre Saw allows you to deal with a wide variety of materials with ease.
The sliding function provides increased cutting capacity to allow thicker materials to be cut.
Main features:
  • 40T 185mm dia blade 
  • Double slider
  • Laser guide
  • 0 – 45 deg cutting angle

Spray Gun

Ideal for painting fences, exterior walls, garage doors and outbuildings. Choose between four spray pattern settings, horizontal, vertical, round and oval, to provide you with the best coverage whilst minimising overspray.

Highly versatile spray system that can be used with varnishes, wood preservatives, enamels, as well as oil-based and water-based paints.

Cordless convenience means paint projects have no limits. Spray up to 4m2 per minute. Suitable for use with any brand paint.

Main features:
  • 4 spray settings
  • Spray approx. 70 min with 4.0Ah battery
  • 800ml tank capacity
  • 1.8mm air cap


The Nailer has a load capacity of 100 pieces and can fire off up to 20 staples or nails per minute.
Makes light work of any nailing project and the battery will last a long to between charges.  
Main features:
  • Staple Type 600
  • Nail Type F
  • Staple length 13 – 25mm
  • Nail length 15 – 32mm

Rivet Gun

This Rivet Gun provides up to 10KN of pulling force for use with rivets up to 5mm diameter.

The perfect tool for production repetitive riveting of sheet metal products. Comes with two additional rivet nose for several different size rivets.

Over-load alert LED light on top of the machine indicates abnormal use. A large rivet mandrel collector on the rear top of the machine to which can collect the waste rivet pins.

Main features:
  • 22mm stroke length
  • Up to 5mm diameter rivets
  • LED working light

Caulking Gun

The Caulking Gun takes the hand numbing pain and hard work out of laying a lot of silicon or sealant fast and thick.
Adjusting the pumping speed will alter the flow rate of the material from tube to work surface to suit the project requirements.
The gun allows you to apply tube after tube without tiring. 
Main features:
  • Press out speed 0-8mm/s
  • 6500N max force
  • Suitable for 300 and 600ml tubes
  • Battery life 30 – 70 tubes

Tile Saw

Cut up to 24mm thick cuts with this table top tile cutter. Fitted with 110mm diameter diamond tipped cutting blade. 
The adjustable T-square permits repeatable fast cuts. Fitted with a clear splash hood.
The Tile Cutter is compact and lightweight to bring to the worksite. 
Main features:
  • 24mm cutting depth 
  • Diamond tipped blade
  • Water tray
  • Splash guard

Multi Air Pump

This versatile air compressor is suitable for a wide variety of applications.
Quickly inflate air beds, pool toys and other blow up items. Use to inflate vehicle tyres and sports balls.
The vacuum function can be used to fully deflate inflatable items to allow them to be packed tightly.
Fitted with LED light for use in dark areas.   
Main features:
  • Digital pressure guage
  • Compressor and vacuum function
  • 820mm inflator hose and 360mm pump hose
  • Variety of adaptors

Air Pump

Useful and value for money air pump for around the home and garden. Use to inflate flat vehicle and balls etc.
Pumps up to 150psi for small to medium jobs.
Main features:
  • Air flow rate 14l/min
  • Supplied with 550mm long hose

Car Polisher

Now there is no need to drag electric cables or pneumatic hoses all over the car, ruining your freshly polished handy work.
The cordless Car Polisher allows easy access to all areas of the vehicle without worrying about cables and hoses.
The battery will keep working at full speed until completely emptied.  
Main features:
  • 2 hand operation for maximum control 
  • Variety of pads for different applications 
  • 180mm polishing pad diameter

Chain Saw

This powerful Chain Saw is fitted with a 350mm long bar and chain for cutting through small to medium wood around the garden.
Two battery power system keep the chain cutting even at full length cutting.
The saw is fitted with 2 front handles for easy cutting of vertically and horizontally trees and logs.  
Main features:
  • SDS tool free chain tensioner
  • 170ml oil reservoir
  • Chain speed 8.5m/s

Grass Trimmer

With the cordless grass trimmer you do not have to worry about where the closest power outlet is around the garden, or bother running extension cords.
The length of the tool is adjustable so you can configure it to suit your requirements.
Nylon trimmer blades are replaceable without tools.  
Main features:
  • Adjustable (950-1200mm) telescopic shaft to suit your height
  • Adjustable handle for additional comfort
  • Ergonomic arm support to allow one hand operation
  • Safety shield
  • 20 spare cutting blades

Hedge Trimmer

Forget the extension lead and power outlet. You just don’t need them with the cordless Hedge Trimmer.
Dual cutting teeth on both sides of the blade make light work of trimming and tidying up your hedges and bushes. 
Lightweight and easy to handle for both vertical and horizontal cutting. 
Main features:
  • 3 side comfort grip handle
  • 560mm long blade
  • Dual action cutting teeth
  • Cut up to 19mm thick branch

Pole Saw

Eliminate the need for ladders for reaching higher branches. 

The pole saw is fitted with an extendable shaft too allow adjustment to suit different requirements.

8″ Oregon chain and bar makes short work of tall branches and  dense greenery. Battery power eliminates the usual requirement for petrol.

Main features:
  • 5m/s chain speed
  • 200mm cutting length 
  • Angle adjustable head

2in1 Chain Saw & Hedge Trimmer

The combination chain saw and hedge trimmer utilizes a telescopic pole to help you quickly and easily care for bushes, shrubs and hedges around the garden.
The adjustable pole can be extended to get into hard to reach areas.
Either tool is easily snapped onto the end of the pole without requiring tools.   
Main features:
  • Pole adjustable length 2.0 – 2.8m
  • 200mm long chain saw blade
  • 400mm long hedge trimmer
  • Chain speed 5m/s
  • Hedge trimmer capacity 16mm

Lawn Mower

The 340mm cutting width makes this lawn mower perfect for small to medium sized lawns.
Tough light-weight construction makes it easy to move around and the handlebar folds down for easy storage.
There are 6 levels of cutting height adjustment and the cut grass is collected in 35 litre bag.
Main features:
  • 6 preset height adjustments
  • 25 – 75mm adjustable cutting depth
  • 35 litre waste bag
  • 150 – 175mm dia wheels

Wheel Barrow

The powered Wheelbarrow is perfect for transporting building materials and garden waste around the farm yard, stable, worksite or garden.
Heavy duty construction and a hefty capacity of 130kg make light work of the hardest tasks. Variable speed lever controls the power to the drive wheel.
The rear wheels pivot 360 degrees for maximum maneuverability. 
Main features:
  • 1.5 – 3.5 km/hr travel speed
  • 130kg capacity
  • 1.3 meters long
  • 360 deg rear swivel wheels


Easily clean up your garden and yard with this powerful blower. The venturi shaped nozzle increases wind speed and blasts out air to clean up even heavy or damp waste.
The ergonomically shaped handle makes it easy to handle with one hand.
Being lightweight and well balanced let’s you keep going without tiring.    
Main features:
  • 600mm long venturi nozzle
  • Light weight 
  • 3.5m3/min wind volume 

Leaf Vacuum Blower

This 3 in 1 tool is perfect for cleaning up around a small yard, garden or patio.
Use the blower to clear up most of the waste into a pile. The vacuum function can be used to clean up left over waste.
As it sucks up the waste the 15:1 shredder will reduce it down to a small size and deposit into waste bag.  
Main features:
  • 19m3/min wind volume 
  • 210km/hr wind speed
  • 45 litre waste bag
  • 15:1 shredder function

Wet + Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Use this vacuum to clean up around the place or connect to other tools to remove the dust as you work.
Fitted with HEPA filter to capture the finest of dust.
Lightweight and portable, can be used in areas not easily accessed with an electric vacuum.
Main features:
  • 18 litre waste drum 
  • HEPA filter 
  • >8Kpa vacuum power

Vacuum Cleaner

This lightweight portable vacuum cleaner is light enough to be carried around with one hand.
Clear dust container provides visual guide when requires to be emptied.
The 3 different vacuum heads can be fitted directly into the vacuum or onto the 450mm long extension.
Main features:
  • Dust cup capacity (dry): 500ml
  • Vacuum (KPa):> = 3.8KPa
  • Working time: 16mins (2.0Ah battery)
  • Filter: Fabric filter bag

Jobsite Fan

This heavy duty fan can be used for cooling workers down during working or to ventilate the working area.
2 speeds and air volume settings allow adjustment to suit requirements.
It is fitted to a rigid frame for extra stability.
Main features:
  • Lo airflow 280cfm. Hi airflow 450cfm
  • up to 10.5 hours run time
  • 0 – 360 degree tilt adjustment
  • 230mm diameter fan blade

Portable Workplace LED Light

This LED light is fitted with carry handle and heavy duty adjustable steel base to provide portability and worksite adjustment.

Dual brightness setting allows battery life to be extended.

IP65 ingress protection against dust and rain make it suitable for the toughest of environments. 

Main features:
  • 15W and 30W brightness
  • up to 5.2 hours run time
  • Fully adjustable

Bluetooth Speaker

Use it while you work or to relax at the end of the day.
Connect by Bluetooth and enjoy the deep rich base sounds of your favourite songs.
The power consumption is so low you can use this for days between charges. You can even charge your phone from the USB port.
Not the prettiest speaker in the world, but it is designed and built tough making it a perfect work-place companion.    
Main features:
  • Drop, dust and vibration proof 
  • 3.5mm aux/Bluetooth/USB input
  • In built volume controls
  • 15W output 
  • Working range up to 10 meters


All cordless tools are powered by the same battery. Most tools require only one battery. Some of the bigger tools require two batteries.

The battery power is 20V 4.0Ah.

Coloured indicator lights on the back of the battery indicate the charging level. 


All cordless tools are powered by the same battery. Most tools require only one battery. Some of the bigger tools require two batteries.

The battery power is 20V 2.0Ah.

Coloured indicator lights on the back of the battery indicate the charging level. 

Single Battery Charger

Quickly recharge your battery with the single battery charger.

Charging current 2.4A

Double Battery Charger

Quickly recharge 2 of your batteries at once with this double battery charger.

Charging current 2.4A


We have a showroom and demo/testing lab located in Mandai, Singapore.

You are welcome to visit and Try Before You Buy any of the tools.